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Thursday, October 16, 2014

What Bible Based Really Means

Please, indulge me in a brief rant. 

Many times over the years I have heard comments about a certain church “preaching the word of God”  “is bible based” or “based on the word of God” or the like.  I have been to many different Christian churches in my lifetime: Lutheran, Episcopal, Catholic, Baptist, Evangelical, Charismatic, Methodist, Mennonite, UCC, and probably several I have forgotten.  I don’t think any of them would say they do not base their preaching and their worship on the bible.  They might not use those exact words but scriptures are read and discussed and inform what they do.  So, when someone says their church is “bible based” or “ I preach what the bible actually says” what they are really saying is, “my interpretation of the bible is right and if anyone disagrees with me then they are wrong and not bible based.” 

It could be the bible is not the book they should be reading but rather the dictionary.  Under “H” for humility. 

Thank you for indulging my rant.  Go Royals!  (Thus making this a rant followed by a random non-sequitur.   Didn’t want it to be nothing more than a rant.)

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