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Monday, November 11, 2013

Mooches Of Society

Don't you get fed up with those who mooch off the system? Leeches on society? The system is so messed up.  How are they ever going to be motivated to contribute positively to our society if they get free handouts all the time?  They make purchases with our tax dollars and don't even have the decency to act ashamed of themselves.

Then there are those whose shopping carts are full of steaks, fancy decorated cakes, and pop.  They purchase all of this while brazenly yapping away on their smart phones.  How can they be so wasteful when there are children to feed?  It is their job to take care of these kids and they use up money on luxury items!  Grrrr!

The corporations I described in the first paragraph receive tax breaks, government grants, government contracts, and take advantage of government financed infrastructure to build their empires.  Then they call it "good business" and use their profits to corrupt our political process so they can ensure they will not have to give back or pay their fair share.

Middle and upper class Christians (and people of many faiths or ethical persuasions), whom I described in my second paragraph, are charged with caring for the children of this world and people of all walks of life.  Yet we spend money on stuff we don't need and generally live wastefully.  Then we count it as our right because we have "earned it."  As though there aren't countless people around the world who work harder and have less.  As though our work is the only thing which gives us value.

Corporations and the "haves" of this world.  Infuriating.

Who did you think I was talking about?

For further consideration of this topic:




Matthew 25:34-46
Luke 3:11
Mark 12:31
1 John 3:17
and many, many other scriptures.


Laurie said...

I am wondering if you include yourself in the second group, and who gets to decide what is necessary and what is not.

Regarding the business incentives, that first article is a very narrow minded point of view. Most of those tax breaks and other perks are incentives by communities to incentivise businesses to locate in their own communities, thus bringing jobs. It is usually the poor and unemployed in the community that benefit. It is those with incomes who are paying the taxes.

I notice Walmart was on the top of the list. Everyone loves to throw Walmart under the bus. I'd like to point out that Walmart makes things more affordable for the poor. They can't afford to buy their groceries at Dillons.

Sheri Ellwood said...

I do include myself in the second category which is why I used words like "we".and "us." It is difficult to determine what is necessary but somehow we have no trouble identifying those unnecessary items if they are in th cart of someone receiving public assistance:)
I wasn't trying to say those incentives are bad, necessarily. My point is the companies are benefitting from our tax dollars and then behaving as though they don't owe anyone anything, as in paying taxes or giving back to the community, encouraging fair political process or at least not rigging th system and so on.
To me, it is not too impressive Walmart makes groceries affordable for the poor when Walmart makes some of them poor in the first place. But demonizing any one company is probably not helpful, you are right. And I did realize those articles were biased. Just trying to introduce a different perspective. Didn't mean to sound crabby or judgmental. Thanks for commenting and helping me to clarify and think about things in a different light. I do appreciate it even if we don't agree.