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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ten Things the Great Commission Doesn't Say

Lists are popular so here is mine:

Ten Things The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) Doesn't Say
1.  Make disciples of all nations or else they will all go to hell.

2.  Go therefore and impose your culture, lifestyle and beliefs on all nations.

3.  Go therefore and convince all nations to like the people you like and condemn the people you condemn.

4.  Teach all nations the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds.

5.  Make all nations say the "Believer's Prayer."

6.  Ignore justice and mercy if they are inconvenient to the task of making disciples.

7.  Ignore all Jesus' previous teachings and the life he lived.  Instead focus solely on converting people.

8.  Be condescending and dismissive of the religions of all other nations.

9.  No social justice ministry is worth doing unless it also helps make disciples of all nations.

10. Be highly skeptical of the faith of anyone who questions this Great Commission.

That last one may be a bit of defensiveness on my part.  But here are some things I think the "Great Commission" does tell us: 
All nations have become chosen ones, chosen to receive God's grace.  The Good News of Jesus does not need to be kept secret and is not meant for a select few.  All people can be disciples and servants of God, no special intermediaries necessary.  

This is a profoundly beautiful message.  No need for the above listed embellishments.

Have you been frustrated by any of the above interpretations of the Great Commission?  Do you think we try to make these words more "evangelical" than they are?  Why?

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