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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Days and Upside Down Snow Angels

How's that for a snow cone?!

It’s a snow day.  
Wow, that was way understated.  
IT IS A SNOW DAY!!!!!!!  WAHOOO!!!!!  YIPPEE!!!!  
There.  That’s better.  The excitement of a snow day is something instilled in children’s hearts from an early age.  Even before a child is old enough for school, snow days are exciting.  Mommy and Daddy are much more likely to play with a child on a snow day.  After a bit of shoveling (or, on a farm, after ice is chopped through for the cattle, waterers thawed and animals fed), there is not much else for the grown ups to do.  No excuses to prevent a little family fun. In my area of the country, snow days are rare. So, children need help finding a good sledding hill (not always easy in Kansas terrain.  Plus, when frozen, cow tracks and cow chips make for a bumpy sledding hill.) and snow angels need to be demonstrated or else...(see below). 
To be fair, I believe this child was swimming in the snow.  But it sure looked like a failed snow angel technique.  

Then when children are old enough for school, a snow day means no school and playing in the snow.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

Yet, this year it means even more to me than ever before.  This year my family is home from school, we get to play in the snow, it is beautiful outside, and WE GOT MOISTURE!  Which means a little better odds the crops won’t die, the ponds won’t go dry, the wildlife won’t suffer from drought related thirst and hunger and so on. 

Kind of makes me want to swim in the snow too.  

So, for those of us experiencing some wintery weather: 
May we all stay safe on the winter roads, warm and sheltered from the icy cold.  
May we reenact the wonder and joy of childhood.  
May we remember there are greater things at stake in our weather patterns than the inconvenience of shoveling snow.  

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