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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

GPS Stomping and Common Sense in Politics

We took vacation last week. Always an occasion for fun and frustration, family togetherness and family annoyance, aggravation and hilarity. We were fortunate in our travels although the GPS chose interesting roads for us to take. We were traveling winding, twisting, turning, up and down roads that began to make me carsick though that is not something to which I am prone.  Three carfuls of strangers persisted along the same trails and we began to suspect that we were all headed for a similar destination.  Suddenly, I got this vision in my head of all four vehicles arriving,  pulling into the parking lot at our hotel and each driver simultaneously leaping from the vehicles,  throwing our GPS systems to the ground and stomping on them.  It may be a sign of the wear and tear of the drive that this image made me laugh until I cried.

It is not that I don't appreciate technology, there were many times on this vacation that technology was helpful: finding the nearest grocery store or ice cream shop. But computers are lacking in a sense of common sense. A GPS can determine the shortest route to where you are going but cannot factor in the carsickness of those in the backseat when the trip bears a distinct resemblance to a roller coaster ride.

It seems the politics in our nation are short on common sense too. We currently have politicians arguing over whether we should close loopholes or not.  The very definition of the word loophole could provide a very clear answer to that question.  A loophole is an ambiguity that allows one to avoid the intent of a law or piece of legislation.  Why would we not want to close a loophole?  If we want a law to be avoided we should delete the law, not make it so that those with the means to do so can avoid it.  It also seems to me that common sense dictates that companies who make billions of dollars do not need to be subsidized.  Common sense would dictate that such issues as these should be embraced by both parties.

But, then common sense would also dictate that someone who is afraid of heights should not go on a roller coaster.  Yet some big beautiful brown eyes talked me into it.  I survived.  Perhaps we will all survive our politicians lack of common sense too.  Let's hope so.  Better yet let's join together and demand that they come to their senses.   If not we need to close some loopholes in our voting habits that allow people bereft of common sense to get elected.

Well, that's enough of that.  I think I have some lingering carsickness.  All this talk of loopholes is making me queasy.

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