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Monday, May 9, 2011

Thirsty for Rain and Going Green

It is supposed to get into the hundreds today.  We have had about a half an inch of rain this spring.  I know it is even worse in other areas of the country.  I shouldn't complain.  Yet, the wheat is struggling.  What should be a season of lush spring bounty for the animals, is a little slim this year.  There is no substantial rain in the forecast.  I walk through the yard and my garden, I drive past the wheat fields and I find myself imagining the relief it would be to the plants and animals if we were to get a good rain.  My life is intertwined very directly with the creatures and vegetation and land.  I am thirsty for rain.

So, excuse my grumpiness (the heat does that to me) but it occurred to me late last night that anyone who has not felt this thirst should not be able to call themselves an environmentalist.  If you can stand in the middle of a drought and hope that it won't rain on Thursday because you are planning a picnic, you are clearly not in touch with the earth.

I shouldn't be so grumpy about this.  All our modern conveniences make it difficult for most people to have any sense of connection with the land.  I am very blessed to live in a place where that connection is obvious.  But, if we are going to "go green" and talk environmentalism, it seems that it would be helpful for all of us to renew that connection.  What if we turned off the sprinklers and let the lawn turn brown when we don't get rain.  When that dry grass pokes at your children's toes and they come running saying, "We really need rain!" then you will know you are getting in touch with your environment.  When your children start losing toys down the cracks in the ground, they will understand that we really, really need rain.  When you start paying close attention to the weather forecast even when you don't have a picnic planned, you might be getting somewhere.  I know I am being grumpy, but the thing is this: if the people who are fighting for the environment are out of touch with the land, we won't make wise decisions for the sake of the earth.  We won't know how.  It would be like trying to help a neighbor without ever talking to that person or making an attempt to find out what he or she needs.  Before proclaiming yourself as green, take the time to get to know the land which sustains your life by the grace of God.

In the meantime, I will continue to hope and pray for a nice gentle soaking of rain while being mindful of those whose drought conditions are worse and those who are inundated with flood waters or storms.  We are blessed here, I know.  Thirsty and blessed.   

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