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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Prayer For Elected Officials

This is my last official day of fasting.  My final action in relation to this fast is to write a letter to my representatives.   I share this letter here so that you may share in this prayer if you choose.  I also post this here because the cynical side of me thinks it about as likely that my elected officials will read this letter on my blog by some random set of circumstance, as that they would actually read beyond the subject line when I send it to them.  Cynicism aside, prayer makes a difference.  So, here it is:

Dear Elected Official,
For the past several weeks I have engaged in fasting, prayer and action each Monday,  focusing on the poor and vulnerable who will be affected by upcoming budget cuts.  I was disappointed that the budget cuts were made in a way that placed the burden so heavily on those who can afford it the least.  Yet I do not feel that my fasting was in vain for it has increased my compassion for the poor.   While my fasting will be discontinued after today, I am determined that for the rest of my life, every time my stomach rumbles with hunger, I will pray, make a donation, or act in some other way to increase justice for the poor and vulnerable around the world.  

That is a very little that I can do.  You are in a position to do so much more.  So, this is my prayer for you:  Each time you feel hunger, may you be reminded that you are called to speak for the poor and the powerless.  May each rumble of your stomach increase your hunger for justice for all people throughout the world.  May that hunger increase so greatly, that you are moved to fight with all of your will, might, and heart for the sake of the poor, the powerless, and the voiceless, regardless of the consequences to your own political career.  Then, may you know a sense of fulfillment and purpose that fills you with joy.

Sheri Ellwood

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