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Friday, April 8, 2011

Act Locally

Contemplating what to write today, I kept finding myself up on one soap box or another.  The budget, politics, and many other worries kept creeping into my mind.  But, who wants to read that kind of stuff?  In fact I had just about decided I need to quit reading that stuff, as in quit watching or reading the news, when a familiar phrase ran through my head, "Think globally, act locally."

Fortunately, there is an excellent opportunity tonight for me to "act locally."  The Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale is taking place this weekend (http://kansas.mccsale.org).  We are planning on attending.  I have to admit that our appetites are a large motivation for this trip.  My husband would not miss the German Buffet.  There is definitely a deeper reason for going, however.  This event raises thousands of dollars for great causes around the world.  The quilt auction is impressive to say the least.  I am always impressed by how well the event is run and by the generosity that is displayed.  I am always drawn to wonder how many more wonderful things could happen if individual churches and denominations could set aside their pride and jump on the band wagon whenever another denomination figures out how to do something so well.  Oops, I am in danger of stumbling onto another soap box....

Moving on... I am so grateful for opportunities to act upon the passion and compassion that is stirred in my heart when I hear the latest injustices pouring forth in the news.  Tonight I will have opportunity to put my money where my heart is by supporting the MCC sale.  Monday I will have opportunity to put my stomach where my heart is as I fast and pray for the sake of the poor and vulnerable of the world.  It never seems like enough.  Yet, perhaps it is enough to make some small difference or at least to keep me from burying my head in the sand out of despair.

If you, too, find yourself shouting at the TV when you watch the nightly news, join me in diffusing some of that frustration by acting locally.  Find a benefit sale nearby (there are MCC sales around the country and I am sure many other similar events).  Take a bike ride for charity.  Help out a neighbor.  Make a donation to your favorite charity.  You could even join me in fasting for the next few weeks (See my previous post http://faithfromthefield.blogspot.com/2011/04/fasting-for-hunger.html or go to  http://hungerfast.org  for more information).  Some groups are dividing up the week so that someone is fasting every day.  I've got Monday lunch but there are still six days of the week left.  Any takers?

Tonight I will soak my compassion fatigued soul in an atmosphere of generosity...and a little bohne berrogi with perhaps a slice of pie on the side.  What feeds your soul?  How do you "act locally"?

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